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Compartment pressure measuring system (CPMS)

Muskelkompartment Druckmesssystem (CPMS)

The CPMS supports reliable diagnoses and secure therapy decisions on compartment syndrome.


The CPMS enables prompt and reliable measurement inside muscular tissue. The electronic measuring principle inhibits artifacts when the measuring unit is moved.

The CPMS is easy to handle. Its automatic measurement capabilities enable you to work without keys or switches.

You don't need to calibrate the CPMS. The system performs an automatic self-test prior to every use.

The CPMS battery operates for up to 100 hours, which makes the device suitable for use in emergencies as well as for intra-operative and post-operative control. The probe is sterilizable.


Technical features
DisplayLiquid crystal display (LCD)
Pressure sensorUnicrystalline piezoelectric semiconductor - 4 French (4F)
Measures from0 mmHg to 200 mmHg
Accurate within±1 mmHg
Stability<2 mmHg / 24 h; max. 5 mmHg
BatteryStandard 9 V battery (6LR61)
Dimensions D x W x F147 mm x 80 mm x 36 mm
Weight, including battery235 g
Operating temperature10° C to 40° C (50° F to 104° F)
Storage temperature–10° C to 55° C (14°F to 131° F)
Protection classBF (body floating) protection against electrical shock

Specs may change without prior notice

source: https://dvmi-usa.com/Compartment_pressure_measuring_system_(CPMS)

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